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How complex tax issues lead to win-win situations

Your customers make legitimate demands. In a rapidly changing world, you may not always be able to offer them everything first-hand. Especially when it comes to complex tax issues.

How good that there is a second hand! Our team of tax experts covers this area and offers you cooperation. You maintain direct contact with your client and act as a general contractor. With our expertise and practical experience, we take care of the detailed work in the client relationship for you and are also happy to act on your behalf if you wish.

You can also use us as a sparring partner - for second opinions, reviews or optimisation of tax matters. This gives you the opportunity to expand your portfolio of services and, in parallel, to increase not only your turnover but also your profit - a classic win-win situation.

We can support you with these topics, among others:

  • Support in complex national and international tax issues
  • Second Opinion: Assessment from an independent perspective
  • Review: Critical review of the elaborated solutions
  • Optimisation of tax matters
  • Risk assessment of possible tax traps
  • Representation in assessment proceedings and before appeal courts up to the Federal Supreme Court
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