our Engagement

With at least 10% of its profits, profitax ag supports the work of the following institutions, among others:

  • Stiftung deStarts – The foundation aims to support unemployed people, especially young people, by offering them the opportunity to educate themselves personally and professionally.  In addition, the foundation supports ageing people or people with disabilities with offers to better cope with the many challenges in everyday life.|
  • profialliance – Promoting Christian Entrepreneurship |
  • Mercy Ships – Ships that bring help |
  • Interserve – Women's Mission |
  • Operation Rescue – Help for orphans and street children in Ethiopia and Brazil |
  • AVC Action on behalf of persecuted Christians and the needy / Projects for refugees in Kobane/Syria (reconstruction, large-scale bakery etc.) |
  • Kinderspitex - Werbung auf VW Multivan, wheelchair accessible, Lake Zug region |
  • JHS Jugendhaus Seewis/GR – Philosophy: Holiday and leisure activities should be affordable for as many people as possible. |
  • Parental Care Ministries -
  • Chrischtehüsli - Contact and counselling centre for marginalised people |
  • Be Unlimited - meet, accompany, empower |
  • Gott rettet -
  • Ärzte ohne Grenzen -
  • Life on Stage - Musicals&Message |